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Sustainable Transportation


Transportation remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels and decarbonising the sector will be crucial to reach Net Zero. However, each transportation means presents specific challenges and opportunities when it comes to shifting to sustainable fuels, depending on factors such as the distance travelled and fuel supply logistics

Our Focus Areas

Electrification of Road Transport

Mass electrification of road transport requires a rapid increase in reliable public charging infrastructure. We focus on electric vehicle charging companies, as well as on platforms with underlying infrastructure assets, such as chargers, batteries, depots, fleets, and solar canopies

Green Hydrogen in Heavy Road Transport

While electric batteries represent the fastest and most efficient way to decarbonise light vehicles, other technologies, such as green hydrogen for fuel cell electric vehicles, will be necessary for medium to long haul and heavy-duty transportation

Sustainable Fuels for Shipping

The shipping sector is a key engine of global trade but also an important emitter of CO2. Supporting the transition from heavy fuel oil to renewable energy sources, such as green hydrogen, ammonia and e-methanol, will be crucial to decarbonise the sector