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Renewables Integration


To successfully shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy, new infrastructure is needed to efficiently balance the inherent intermittency of renewables. Technological solutions that increase renewable energy penetration are already available, but these must be scaled up massively in the coming years to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels

Our Focus Areas

Renewables Plus

Investments in integrated renewable solutions such as hybridisation, that can either produce electricity flexibly or stabilise intermittent production while maximising output and improving the risk profile by leveraging shared infrastructure. We focus on assets featuring an optimal mix of solar PV, wind and mini hydro generation capacity, as well as batteries to mitigate intermittency risk

Energy Storage Solutions

The growing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources increases the need for short and long duration energy storage. We invest in storage systems that address the growing supply and demand imbalances, as well as price volatility, ensuring grid stability and reducing energy dependence and grid losses

Distributed Energy and System Balancing Solutions

The rise of renewables has created a more decentralised power generation system with higher supply volatility. Distributed Generation systems provide small-scale, local energy solutions (on or off-grid) that can serve in areas where investments in the grid are not a priority. We focus on capex-intensive assets to scale up decentralised systems and aggregate smaller projects