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Energy Transition Infrastructure

Despite recent strides, the transition to a low-carbon economy is still in its early stages. All sectors of the global economy will have to transform, requiring once-in-a-generation investments over the coming decades. Managers aiming to address this opportunity will need a blend of financial and industrial expertise to navigate the sector’s inherent complexities and structure flexible private capital solutions

White Summit Capital invests across three essential segments of the Energy Transition where it has extensive, hands-on experience

Capital requirements for Net Zero by EU Economic Sectors1

Investment Verticals

Renewables Integration

Integration of renewable energy generation assets that reduce intermittency and increase the penetration of renewable energy

Sustainable Transportation

Electrification or substitution of fossil fuels for all transportation means, and infrastructure enabling sustainable transport

Descarbonisation of Industries

Decarbonisation of hard-to-abate high-emitting industrial processes, as well as cities and services

Our Approach

We seek opportunities that are backed by infrastructure assets and management teams, with proven technologies and an established pipeline to scale up the platform. These assets operate in markets characterised by high barriers to entry and generate resilient and non-cyclical cash flows. This approach ensures capital protection in sectors with unparalleled upside

Multi-layered Capital Protection

Energy Transition infrastructure is inherently complex. Therefore, it is crucial to implement strategies that ensure capital preservation and long-term return predictability. We have developed a multi-layered capital protection approach, where we aim to mitigate all layers of risk across our investments, while maintaining the necessary flexibility to navigate the dynamic energy transition sector

Single Asset Risk: We invest in geographically diversified platforms of small to medium scale operational assets and support their scale-up to ensure there is no single asset risk

Development Risk: We help established businesses with an existing asset base grow their pipeline of assets. This enables additional flexibility and control over sizing and timing of the development funding

Revenue Risk: We invest in businesses with diversified and complementary revenue strategies. This enables additional opportunities for monetisation and eliminates single counterparty risk

Leverage: We prioritise flexibility and adaptability. We focus on investments that can be leveraged, but where we do not need to rely on such financing to meet targeted returns

Active Value Creation

An active management approach is crucial to maximise returns across the portfolio. In fact, 75% of the value generated from our investments can be attributed to our management efforts. Our Investment Management Team is actively involved at all stages of the investment process. From the beginning, they work together with the Investment Team to develop a management plan and identify value creation initiatives to be implemented across the investments lifecycle

Subsequently, our Investment Management Team is deeply embedded within our portfolio companies, participating in key advisory bodies within our portfolio companies to drive the implementation of pre-defined value-creation initiatives