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In 2021, after years of diligence on the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) space, White Summit Capital identified Zunder, a vertically integrated operator of ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers in Spain. The company is a first mover in the EVCI space. It uses a proprietary algorithm, which identifies premium locations, and then develops the locations strategically creating barriers to entry. The company also provides a best in class EV charger management platform software.

Since our investment, Zunder has grown to become the leading independent ultra-fast EV charging operator in Spain. In 2023, Zunder began expanding into France, developing its first charging stations and winning tenders to enable a broader roll-out. With funding from WSC and other large investors, Zunder expects to have over 2,000 charge points in operation by the end of 2024, and more than 3,800 by 2025.


Ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure
Promoting sustainable transport
Enabling zero tailpipe emissions

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