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In 2021, White Summit Capital launched Senda, a platform pioneering the implementation of energy communities in Spain. This initiative enables municipalities, their citizens, and commercial entities to generate, use, and manage energy locally. Senda’s goal is to electrify and decarbonise rural areas through solar self-consumption, EV charging points, and other electrification infrastructure.

Energy communities represent decentralised and sustainable energy systems that prioritise strong citizen participation. These communities empower municipalities to generate, consume, and manage energy locally, harnessing sources such as conventional renewables, biogas, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Spain lags many of its European counterparts in terms of local energy communities’ development. This represents an opportunity to be a first mover in an untapped market with an attractive mix of energy resources.

Senda has developed a flagship project in Buñol, a town with 10,000 inhabitants located near Valencia, Spain. The initiation of this energy community marks the first step in Buñol’s decarbonisation strategy and aims to enhance the municipality’s competitiveness through the implementation of a multi-component and innovative project. This project serves as a blueprint for the standard model envisaged by Senda.


Platform dedicated to the development of energy communities
Sustainable and efficient energy consumption, coupled with employment growth
Significant social impact and citizen empowerment through energy independence

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