Renewable Hybridisation – Brownfield/Greenfield
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Spain & Portugal
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Rainergy is White Summit Capital’s Renewables Hybridisation Platform in Iberia, where it is creating a 500 MW portfolio of distributed complementary technologies to mitigate renewable energy’s intermittency risk and create a stable and predictable generation profile. The platform is currently composed of mini hydro and wind assets located in Spain and Portugal, with a combined generation capacity of 140 MW, which will be hybridised with solar PV technology.

In 2021, WSC acquired a portfolio of 107 MW of mini hydro and wind assets in Spain, to start building the platform. We were primarily attracted by the hybridisation potential of the portfolio, due to the dispersion of the assets and their low load factors versus the total interconnection capacity.

In January 2024, WSC completed a bolt-on acquisition of a scarce, high-quality 33 MW mini hydro portfolio in the north of Portugal. This acquisition further increased the platform’s geographical diversification and enhanced the platform’s generation profile.


Affordable hydro and wind-generated renewable energy
Resilient, sustainable infrastructure
Displacement of fossil fuel-generated electricity

Sustainable Development Goals