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Our Firm

Who We Are

We aim to generate superior risk-adjusted returns in infrastructure investments that enable and accelerate the world’s Energy Transition

We believe there is no substitute for experience, creative thinking, and determination. By combining financial and industry know-how, we can untangle the sector’s inherent complexities and generate attractive risk adjusted returns, while prioritising capital preservation

Since 2011, we have deployed over €2 billion of capital into proprietary off-market transactions with institutional investors and have achieved over 35% gross returns on realised investments


Specialised Energy Transition Manager

We have successfully invested across three key areas of the Energy Transition space: renewables integration, sustainable transportation, and decarbonisation of industries

Independent and Dedicated Investment Manager

We are an independent investment manager, wholly owned by our employees, and solely focused on Energy Transition infrastructure

Deep Involvement in Value Creation

We are an active investor and create value through close involvement in the operational, financial, and ESG management of our portfolio companies.

Industrial and Multidisciplinary Team:

Our multidisciplinary and specialised team comes from backgrounds ranging from investment banking and infrastructure investing to industrial firms and corporates.

Bilateral and Off-market Origination:

We leverage a deeply rooted network of key market participants, including business executives, owners, industry experts, and intermediaries. This is essential for originating deals that offer superior risk-adjusted returns

Co-Investment Capabilities:

We have in-depth experience in structuring and executing co-investments. Our Firm has been a trusted partner to over ten global institutional investors, including asset managers and pension funds

Experienced Operations Team:

We are a regulated investment manager with experience in managing investments for world-class institutional investors and our own regulated alternative investment funds