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Integral to Every Stage of the Investment Lifecycle

As a financial investor adhering to rigorous sustainability frameworks, ESG criteria are a core consideration at every stage of our investment process. As an energy transition infrastructure manager, we ensure EU Taxonomy alignment across all our investments. This commitment includes stringent guidelines during the initial screening, the deployment of tools designed to monitor and quantify carbon emissions and stewardship activities with our portfolio companies to implement ESG best practices. As a result, our Decarbonisation Infrastructure Fund is classified as Article 9, Dark Green, under SFDR

Sustainable Development Goals

We recognise global challenges and support an active contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on investments that generate financial returns, dive positive environmental impact, foster economic growth and support resilient communities

Alignment is Crucial

Aligning interests is essential to achieve both our financial and sustainability objectives. Accordingly, we have linked 20% of our Decarbonisation Infrastructure Fund’s carried interest to the attainment of specific ESG KPIs

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment adds significant value to our organisation. We strive to create a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and with respect and have equal access to opportunities and resources

We aim to lead by example and empower our Portfolio Companies to treat employees with fairness and respect, building an environment and culture that promotes employee safety, well-being and engagement

Data at the Forefront

We believe we can only manage what we can measure. Regarding ESG, we use a proprietary dashboard to consistently monitor performance across our portfolio companies. This dashboard allows us to track progress and ensure alignment with our broader sustainable investment objectives


GWh Generated by Mini Hydro


GWh Generated by Solar


GWh Generated by Wind


tCO2 Avoided


Driven on Green Electricity Distributed

*Based on VW ID.4 pro consumption


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